The famous cities in Hungary

The famous cities in Hungary

The usual way of tourism in Hungary is perfectly fine but most of the time thinking out of the proverbial box is more than a beneficiary more so when it comes to getting to know a country through its cuisine. The country of Hungary is celebrated the worldwide for its delicious meal and the world class wines which can be tasted anywhere.

The city of villainy is located in southern Hungary which is approximately 200 kilometers from the capital city of Budapest nears the Croatian border. The city is practically known for its high-quality wines which can be practically attributed to the year-long sunny weather and can be tested in a plethora of cellars. You will be practically committing the cardinal sine if you miss out on the cellar tour and local cuisine if you don’t visit the town during your visit to Hungary.

The city is often denoted as the city of flowers but is widely known as an academic city with a University with thousands of vibrant student’s with a youthful vibe. The city has historic monuments and the narrow cobblestone streets; it just creates a unique irresistible charm. The vast square which houses the city hall and the cathedral should always be the starting point of your kaposvar exploration for any visitor who wants to enjoy himself.


The lovely city of Gyor is located practically 120 kilometers west of Budapest and it is actually near the Slovakian and Australian border. The city boasts of beautiful Baroque buildings and a spectacular city center. It has several attraction and chief among them is the eleventh century basilica, the unique synagogue, the amazing Benedictine church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola and the town hall are must see standouts, and simply not forgetting the famous thermal bath, RabaQuelle which is certainly much more than a honorable mention.

Why visit the cities of Hungary
The cities of Hungary are simply amazing and they just offer the tip of the nature of the Hungarian culture which many would like to know about. A visit to the Hungary simply requires one to know more about the city that he would intend to visit and maximize his time in the visit.

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